Life is all a matter of timing; it’s a strange thought that everything happens for a reason. As if our destiny is controlled by an outer force, but do we like it that way? Does it mean that we have no decisions to make in the paths and journeys we take, that everything is already planned according to the way we were nurtured and the way our brain ticks. There is no point wondering ‘what if’, if there’s no way in turning time backwards and reliving our mistakes. Our past shapes our future but sometimes I wonder how much the things that happen are ‘karma’ or ‘fate’, these big words that occupy us and give us these maybe irrational superstitions. That all our wrong doings will come back to haunt us in one-way or another. Without a conscience and the emotions that cage our body we could live entirely freely and do whatever we want. But without these things we would be selfish robots, and isn’t happiness motored by others as well as our own achievements?  These questions circle around in my mind but ultimately I know there will never be an answer to these philosophical wonderings. My mind constantly contradicts itself, in the decisions I need to make, in the things I have to do. Sometimes I think about what would happen if I dropped plans and waited for something to happen. But things don’t happen if you wait. You will become a lost soul amongst the millions of other sand grains trying to find, or trying to give up on their rightful place on earth. Image

Sarah Falkenberg-Hassan
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